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We thought we should save the nicer section for the end, the one in which we asked about cultural artifacts and other things that we actually enjoy. But let’s get this out of the way first:

Everybody wants to kill Karl Marx

Yes. Everyone hates Marx and we can’t figure out why, or what they really think they’re hating. Of course the actual experiences of communism/socialism have all been disastrous, at least on this planet, and we definitely don’t subscribe to the commonplace idea that imaginary communism is the one that counts. But many of our respondents seem to be on the left side of the spectrum, some of them quite far left, and many of them selected Marx as the best person to eliminate from History. It’s not like they didn’t have options: what kind of reasonable leftist would spare Lombroso1 and Taylor Swift and then kill Marx? We don’t understand it either. There is something there that is worth investigating.

While on the subject of identifiable human beings: We also asked about Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis, why they look so unhappy now, when they were so much fun before. We were not accusing them of anything; it was a metaphor for something else. A lot of people, especially younger ones, took issue with this question, as if there was something offensive in asking them about someone else that they may not know well. And what we thought was evident did not seem to translate to the majority: people are not sure about Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks. Nevertheless, most of them understood perfectly what we meant when we talked about ourselves in relation to both Hollywood icons. We asked: If they are unhappy, what’s left for the rest of us? And we got all kinds of responses:


  • I don’t know if they are unhappy / I don’t care if they are unhappy.
  • Qué tiene que ver?
  • I have no idea what either of them look like.
  • pleaswdf i don’t know anymore.
  • Aaaaa.


  • We’re fucked.
  • Resignación.
  • Llorar.
  • Nada. Una mierda de futuro. Caca.
  • El ostracism.
  • Nos queda pensar que si a ellos les pasa eso, ser optimista es ser un infame.
  • Sadness and anger. The US is already a husk of what it originally was, so what’s left for us is the pieces to try and tape back together into something new.
  • Crying under a blanket, but you never really know what they’re going through.
  • Life sucks, it’s like a grinder and all we can do is avoid falling.
  • False hope and the biological need to stay alive, I guess.
  • Todos vamos a morir.


  • Ignorar a los pelotudos.
  • Resistir.
  • Lo mismo que los antiguos romanos. Lo que se pueda.
  • Love like there’s nothing else to do on the universe.
  • Chuparse un vino y comerse unas empanadas en las sierras de Cordoba.
  • El amor y el chocolate.
  • El cine y viajar.
  • Summer fruit? Good friends? Letting go and relaxing?
  • Ha! Family, love, friendship and books.
  • Mirar Seinfeld.
  • Escuchar y hacer música.

Self-centered and/or mean:

  • Nada. Yo soy mucho más feliz.
  • The fact that I exist makes me happy.
  • I exist in the best terms I can.
  • Es un problema de ellos. Yo me siento mucho más feliz ahora y creo que sigo avanzando.
  • The same if they were happy.
  • Fuck em.
  • No correlation.
  • Qué se yo, qué pregunta de mierda. Me importa lo que me pasa a mí y a la gente que quiero.
  • Qué frase idiota.
  • I would prefer questions more universal like for example “Could Germany have successfully invaded France without Operation Waynesburg” Or anything that’s more universal, throwing utterly nonsense cultural questions at myself is foolish as most people don’t understand these topics, and prefer economical or historical questions.
  • Look man, I’m not here for these kind of philosophical questions. I pride myself on my refusal to think hard about anything. The fact that you have the audacity to ask me this is astounding.

Optimistic and generally nice:

  • To try to make them feel better :)
  • Disfrutar de los momentos lindos, recordando que “if life were only moments, then how would you know that you had one”.
  • A quest.
  • Try to find our happy place, even if it does not exist
  • Appreciate the possibilities of doing beautiful things for us and those around us.
  • Enjoy the little things in life. And learn from Sondheim: Oh, if life were made of moments Even now and then a bad one! But if life were only moments Then you’d never know you had one.
  • Saddd but grateful to my Italian great-grandfather. That will allow me to sail away.
  • Yo quiero ser feliz!!!!!!
  • Keep being slightly unhappy. Take refuge in whatever works for us which is so little that it is easy to identify
  • Yo soy feliz por mis hijos. No espero conquistar yo el mundo sino que ellos sean felices
  • Bill Murray manages to carry the same core bemusement underneath his eternal unhappiness. I find this reassuring.
  • Samuel L. Jackson still seems pretty happy, so there’s hope.
  • Not living in LA. Gardening.

Okay, no, these are the dark ones:

  • Alcohol.
  • Emborracharnos.
  • Beber.
  • El infierno.
  • Morirnos / Death.
  • Horror, desolación, muerte.
  • Damnation.
  • Emoji de mis huevitos en una morsa 😢
  • The sweet release of death ☺☻☺☻
  • Suicidio.
  • Fin del mundo.
  • Fire and blood.
  • Misery.
  • Doomsday.
  • Eutanasia. Muerte asistida.
  • Die young.
  • Llorar a gritos.
  • Drugs.
  • Memes.
  • Peronismo.

Extreme Solutions:

  • Turn to Buddhism.
  • Shop for carp to make us feel a little better.
  • Tomar las armas y erradicar de raíz al comunismo.
  • Not being a cunt.
  • Communism.
  • Brutal capitalism.
  • Nos cortamos las bolas.
  • Covid? Cannabis?
  • Throwing rocks at them.

Actual hypotheses:

  • Tom Hanks se replanteo su vida junto con su esposa, ya que fueron positivos de COVID. Por lo tanto, tuvieron suerte al tener leves síntomas. Lo mismo pasa con Bruce Willis, mientras hace cuarentena con su ex esposa y sus hijos. Creo que son mas felices que antes por compartir mas tiempo con las personas que realmente quieren.
  • Mmmm Tom Hanks está muerto o detenido en Gitmo. Too much for the red shoes. Es lo q dicen en altos foros chanisticos. Bruce está viejo y no lo dejan actuar de Bruce porq es muy manly for a betamen world que pretenden vender. Toda su existencia es una afrenta a cierta cultura.

Wonderful and unclassifiable:

  • Sex lies and videotape.
  • Tilda Swinton.
  • More cake hopefully.
  • En veinte años te contesto. Me tengo fe.
  • Idk, but you all should try horchata. It’s a tasty spanish drink… Well, I think it’s spanish.
  • Macaroni.
  • Esto se va a la mierda, Raffo. Una pena.
  • NO good shows.

And our favorite answer:

(from our favorite architect, Monsieur Traeme)

  • We are real.

As if we hadn’t anticipated this carnival of opinions from the people who claim they never share their opinion, we also asked, out of the blue, what happened to Peter Gabriel. It’s a reasonable question, we think, one that we haven’t asked ourselves in a long time, maybe since our friend Rosman, upon first listening to it, threw UP2 out of the window of his moving car. We like Peter Gabriel and we have forgiven him everything, but we were curious about what others might think. Well:

What Happened to Peter Gabriel?

Aged or Dead

  • He died?
  • Se murió.
  • Is He dead?
  • I have no idea. Is he still alive?
  • Se murió por puto.
  • Se fue a criar a sus nietos.
  • Se fue a dormir la siesta.
  • Se quedo pelado / Se quedo pelado y mustio. / He became old and bald.
  • Se solemnizo.
  • Se puso aburrido y encima se parece a Gustavo Cordera. Might be relate.
  • Engordó.
  • Se electrocuto con las lamparitas.
  • Se golpeo el dedo chico del pie contra el mueble.
  • Se lo comio la mierda de musica que se escucha ahora.
  • Hit by a sledgehammer.
  • Was swallowed into the mainstream.
  • Se lo comio el personaje.
  • La barba candado lo aniquiló.
  • Se disolvió
  • Se lo devoró la solemnidad.

World Music / 80s

  • He got old and the world music business swallowed him.
  • Se lo comio la world music.
  • Demasiada influencia de World Music y bailes alegres.
  • Lo arruino el pop de los 80s.
  • Quedo atrapado en las computadoras de los 80, como TRON.
  • He got stuck in 1980’s technology, like Jeff Bridges in TRON3


  • Aliens.
  • Se lo llevo fatmagul.
  • Se perdio en basquedas de culturas primales.
  • Fue abducido.
  • A UFO take him home.
  • Ovnis.
  • He was kidnapped.. And he is singing in a bar at Las Vegas.
  • Abducido por los Ovnis o secuestrado por Batman.
  • He was kidnapped AND killed by His stepmother.

Phil Collins

  • No se, pero tenia mas talento que Phill Collins.
  • Discutio con Philco.
  • Se quedo sin Phil Collins / He left away Phil Collins.
  • Se fue de Genesis / Se separo de Genesis.
  • Broke with Phil?
  • Phil Collins happened to him.
  • Phil Collins killed him.
  • He moved to the west country, collects drums and still hates Phil Collins.
  • Phil Collins con la silla de ruedas por encima.
  • No tuvo la suerte de Phil Collins de quedar sordo a tiempo y evitarse escuchar al resto del mundo.

Alternate Universe in which…

  • Organiza posibles shows online con Grinbank
  • Seguro fue asesinado
  • Lo mataron
  • Esta en cuarentena consumiendo drogas y te.
  • He is on an island with Yabran
  • Se junto mucho con Roger Waters?
  • Se mudo a Marte hace anos.
  • Se metio en una secta
  • Hiding with Kate Bush somewhere in Southern England.

and Our Favorites:

  • He ate his own head.
  • Sufrió el problema de todos aquellos que tienen nombres por apellido.
  • Perhaps he ended up in that place where the people are so small that they use small words.
  • He’s in your eyes.
  • Mutó en Teresa Parodi
  • Dejó de ser mi novio.
  • Es inglés.
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
    never gonna let you down
    never gonna run around
    and desert you

Why were we asking that kind of question?

It’s hard to get an accurate representation of the people with whom we interact online. With questions like these, we get a much clearer idea of who the person answering all the other ones is. Some of the more generic questions seem to draw a grim collective response of apocalyptic proportions; it’s only when you get specific that a general sense of humanity starts to emerge. Which makes sense, right? We asked about streaming and people said they love it. We asked about Netflix and they love it too, only slightly less than streaming in general. Horrible, so horrible, how far back we need to rewind to start addressing that? But, just like what happened with Batman, things don’t look that bad when you talk about specifics. We asked: What was the first movie you really liked?

And what was the last movie you really liked?

Sure, we’re not going to make friends among the 28 Joker fans, but everything else looks human and manageable. So much that we took the responses above and made two Letterboxd lists for you, one for


and another one for


We hope they can help ease the burden of these lockdown4 months.

We also asked about music. Here is the Discogs list of


It’s fun. Go and buy some records.

Unfortunately, we were unable to produce a similar list for THE LAST RECORD YOU BOUGHT WITH YOUR OWN MONEY: only a very small minority pays for music anymore. Or rather they pay for Spotify, which is of course much worse. Some responses were very good, some people were even kind enough to say that the last record they bough was one of ours! Yet we didn’t get enough data for a comprehensive list. But don’t despair. If the above lists of movies and music are not stimulating enough for you, we are proud to present:

We asked: Are there any ideas or schools of thought that have originated in the 21st Century? 60% of respondents said no, which is pretty dark in itself. To the other 40% who said yes, we asked: which idea? The most common —sometimes literal— answer was:


More than half of those responses took this form, that we are starting to recognize as familiar, and we find worrying. We are referring to the I don’t know but it must be model. One could argue that this type of reasoning is as old as humanity itself — after all, it is very similar to the thinking process that characterizes every religion. But this is slightly different, less grandiose and more deluded, more like imagining the Emperor and his clothes because the alternative would be their absence…

  • Considero que existen, no las conozco (la historia las nombrará de manera definitiva en unas décadas).
  • No lo sé, me faltó la opción SUPONGO..
  • No idea.
  • No lo sé. Todas las que se me ocurren me doy cuenta que son de mucho tiempo atrás.
  • Ni idea. Preguntaste si consideraba no si me constaba.
  • Escuela de pensamiento no. Ideas nuevas tampoco, supongo, pero la susceptibilidad y la imbecilidad alcanzan niveles que habría que destacar como novedad.
  • Lo dije sin saber. Teniendo la esperanza de que todavía la gente piense.
  • No se, pero seguro hay. Por ahí aún no definidas o encuadradas.
  • I can’t, but I won’t be so self centered to say that there is none, I simply don’t know
  • No sé si nuevas pero han surgido nuevas ramas de prácticamente todas.
  • I don’t remember right now.
  • No lo sé pero tiene que haber.
  • Nosé.
  • Nidea.. pero que las hay, las hay.
  • Perdón leí S XIX!!
  • Idk im dumb as hell.
  • Considero que existen, no se cuales.
  • I don’t recall
  • We’ll know mid 22nd century. Ideas still take time to surface.
  • Está bien, me apuré
  • Idkkk.
  • I can’t, but they probably exist.
  • I’m not sure of any, I just know at least some must have been invented in the last 20 years * I don’t know but there has to be.
  • Can’t think of any.
  • They haven’t taken form yet?
  • Nombrala vos.
  • Es tarde, man
  • It’s too soon to know.
  • oops
  • Irony is the ultimate goal of history
  • There’s got to be something. Some one smarter than me has an answer for you so where.

This is not to say that we didn’t get many positive answers naming real ideas or developments originated in the 21st Century. We did. Unfortunately, at least half of them were off by a few years (some were off by a few decades). Others are difficult to accept as ideas proper. For whatever reason we considered these…

Not applicable:

  • Feminism.
  • Globalization.
  • Diversidad y colaboración.
  • Influencers.
  • Waldorf.
  • La idea de vivir el hoy y del optimismo constante, ser feliz y perfecto todo el tiempo.
  • Politicas de género, indigenismo / Ideología de género / Todas las referentes a género.
  • Que las mujeres dejen de depilarse.
  • Comunismo.
  • Populismo circense.
  • (Anti) especismo
  • Terraplanismo, patético pero ahí está.
  • Multiculturalism.
  • Veganismo.
  • Queer.
  • BLM
  • Postmodernism (!).
  • Antivaccines.
  • Branding.
  • Física cuántica.
  • Floggers y emos.
  • Trans-humanism.
  • Neurobiology.
  • Post modernidad
  • Burnout.
  • Memes.
  • Genetic determinism.
  • Dieta paleo.
  • Bauhaus.
  • El kirchernismo, ah. // Todo lo K // Kirchnerismo falopa // Kirchnerismo (escuela nefasta, limita con una nueva definición de enfermedad mental).
  • Cambiemos
  • Toda esa falopa del anteopoceno y la nueva derecha extrema que combina liberalismo, fascismo y brotes psicóticos.
  • Gretism.
  • Theft can occur if nothing is lost (e.g. online piracy).
  • Neovictorianismo hipócrita.
  • Antikirchnerismo.
  • Libertarianismo populista idiota.
  • Sexting.
  • Fourth wave feminism, woke culture, etc. // The woke culture, the cancellation system // WOKEness (though calling it thought may be overreaching) // Cancelación / la corrección política es una escuela. una escuelita. // Cancel culture // La escuela de pensamiento snowflake y su cultura de la cancelación. // Lenguaje Inclusivo, Feminismo para unas pocas. // La posmodernidad snowflake // Está pelotudez del apropiamiento cultural. Una idea malísima.// Hipersensibilidad idiota. // La idea de que no hay distinción entre realidad y ficción y que un hecho deja de existir si se elimina la palabra que lo nombra. // Corrección y humoricidio // Cultural appropriation.
  • Flying spaghetti monster?
  • Me too movement.
  • Feminazis // La feminista radical.
  • El no binarismo, raro que no puedo nombrarlo de forma positiva. // Sexualidad liquida.
  • El chavismo ecuménico.
  • Gamer life // Weaboo and Anime Culture, Waifusim, Gamer Culture // Video games can have
    beneficial side effects.
  • Sjw.
  • Nacionalfascispopulismo internacionalista.
  • Montonerismo retardado.
  • Debates of Big Data and internet privacy.
  • Relativismo pseudoprogresista.
  • Progresismo comunista globalista // progresismo de sillón/deber-ser al máximo // La
    interpretación que hacen miles de pelotudos respecto al chavismo y el neo-socialismo.
  • Son negativas pero existen: son los idiotas que confunden deseos y opiniones con hechos.
  • Neoevolucionismo.
  • Feminismo interseccional trans-inclusivo // No sé qué nombre. Pero la nueva ola feminista o el pansexualismo y eso // “Trans women are biological women” // Trans positivity.* Aceleracionismo
  • MAGA.
  • The assimilation of hyper-modern technology into almost all of human culture and all of the effects and impacts that are present with this sort of vastly changing technological world.
  • American exceptionalism.
  • Simping, Incells, mgtow, cancel culture, etc.
  • The alt right // The cult of Trump. // Neo republicanism.* Social media
  • Defund the police?
  • Understanding each other without forcing your point of view.
  • Lofi music and/or quantum physics, also mental health is more thought about nowadays.
  • La pelotudez.
  • Haters.
  • Twitterismo // Los estupidos que opinan en twitter // twitter sucks // – Twitter for iPhone.
  • AI.
  • Mc Donald’s Big Mac.
  • Third way.
  • Online dating?

We also received a number of serious answers, people who had done their homework, and a bunch of funny ones to balance things out. We believe the funny ones were also more accurate.

The Serious

  • Michel Onfray.
  • Speculative Realism, Accelerationism, Xenofeminism, Prometheanism, NRx.
  • Ergodicity economics.
  • I don’t know. Sam Harris?
  • Tetralogía de la Ejemplaridad, de Javier Gomá.
  • Keynes.
  • onfray quignard baudrillard virilio.
  • Possibly something to do with Kant.
  • Byung Chul Han.
  • Taleb made important contributions. You might question if it was in the 21st century, but he is.
  • Loris Zanatta. Pueblo o anti pueblo, el eterno chantaje de política latinoamericana.
  • DANIEL Brailovsky.
  • Modern monetary theory.
  • Morphic Resonance.
  • Cooperación en la creación de relatos nuevos (Harari).
  • Escuela Austríaca de Economía.
  • Zera Yacob and his legacy.
  • “Returning to the Retionalism” by Steven Pinker.
  • El concepto de modernidad líquida, Zygmunt Bauman.

The Not So Serious

  • El estodolomismo
  • Meme del perro.
  • Being a prissy bitch.
  • La memecracia.
  • Cultura del malestar.
  • Mindfulness :) jk.
  • Humanitarian intervention.
  • Tiré fruta.
  • Facilismo.
  • Indignacionismo.
  • Martín wilson own thoughts and confusion.
  • Antifragility.
  • La testimonialización de la vida.
  • It wasn’t real communism.
  • Masa de internet en búsqueda de un objetivo (hacer tendencia a alguien, suspender cuentas,BTS).

Finally, we got three inventions that may also qualify as ideas, although they are clearly more than that, given how they have altered the world as we knew it:

  • YouTube
  • Crypto
  • Google

And our favorite one, whatever it may mean:

  • Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Is that it?

That’s it. We didn’t discover the New World. In fact, we know pretty much the same things we thought we knew before we started the survey. (You can download the whole set of results here, as a pdf. If you see something important that we missed, or if you think our interpretation of the data is wrong in any way, please let us know.)

Which is not so say that we didn’t learn anything.

We learned that if you sincerely ask people how they’re doing, they will flock to tell you. Even if they don’t know how they’re doing. Which happens to be the case.

It is our contention that the apparent contradiction between being happy and stating that everything is getting worse is only that: apparent. It sounds like denial because every society forces you to exert a certain degree of overacting in order to belong. So normally we would say we are so worried and desperate that INSERT WHATEVER is INSERT WHATEVERING the world. But anonymously, what the fuck, we’ll tell you how we see it. And how we see it is

Better than it could be in the future.

It’s not completely over.

We have those movies and records above, which remind us that in theory we could have new ones as good as those, or better. We can think of the idea of new ideas, even if we can’t quite place them. We can have this conversation5.

The underlying feeling that permeates most interactions we’ve had in the past decade is that, well, I could tell you but I’m not really allowed to tell you. And if I tell you please don’t ever say I did because I’m not really allowed. The current climate suggests that only fanatics are allowed to speak their mind (but with fanatics, of course, there is no mind to speak of).

Even in the midst of this cataclysmic health crisis —with the authority of governments and institutions around the world dissolving into a cloud of uncertainty that can only get us to respond that, of course, things are getting worse—, it should be so fucking obvious that we are doing better than these guys:

It’s not that things are getting worse.

We are getting worse.

But of course we can still change that.

1 We dealt with historical misunderstandings regarding Cesare Lombroso years ago. You can find the article here, in Spanish.

2 No, no, he didn’t throw up, he threw the CD of Peter Gabriel’s album “Up” out of the window.

3 Two different people said the same thing there.

4 Or semi-lockdown, or whatever your situation is in the country you reside when you read this.

5 We’re not doing it, mind you: we are having less and less conversations, but we can still have them if someone else starts. And nobody starts because we are all afraid, but it’s clear that someone should. That’s what we attempted to do with this survey and what we may attempt to do soon, in a more organized way, if enough people show up.